On Greek Yogurt, Persuasively

I’m not the best at eating. It’s not that I don’t love food, it’s just that I forget to eat, and when I get around to it, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. However, now that I’m working out regularly, I find that if I don’t eat, I’m absolutely starving by the time I get around to it.

(I have to cut in to tell you a terrible story: A couple of weeks ago, I learned the hard way that the easiest way to make mortal enemies is to walk into a gym while eating a fried chicken sandwich from Burger King. I wasn’t quite done with our pre-gym snack (the pre-gym snack of champions, of course), and it was cold, so I decided to finish on the way to the locker room, which can only be accessed by making a beeline through cardio. And so I did. Cue the glares. Oh my, the glares. Skinny and eating a chicken sandwich? I’m a huge bitch. Oops. Never again. Lesson learned. Shame endured.)

Of course, trying to maximize my caloric intake while also making sure I get everything essential is a difficult task. This is where yogurt comes in. The Greek yogurt fad is sweeping the nation (has been for some time, but it seems to be getting a firm foothold and more shelf space than ever before), and it’s time you gave it a try.

Each little container of Greek yogurt is somewhere between 100-200 calories, has about 24% of your daily protein, and sometimes, up to 20% of your daily fiber. That’s fantastic. I’m like most Americans over 50, and I love me some fiber. And with my ADHD, it’s important that I get a high protein breakfast, because science. But wait, it gets better. (That was in my best infomercial-salesy voice.) The one I had today only had 6% of my daily sugar. What?! Yes. It’s true.

So while it might not fill you up, it’s the perfect quick and easy breakfast or snack for me. It’s not too complicated; you can jazz it up with granola or fruit or whatever if you’re so inclined, and you can eat it in under 3 minutes. Why am I giving a seal of approval (so much more official than Good Housekeeping) to Greek yogurt? Because I’ll eat it. And that means a lot


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