On Having Photographer Friends, Artistically

One of my friends is an absolutely fantastic photographer.

He captures lovely, vibrant images with his camera. Last night, he wanted to practice portrait photography with his girlfriend, who happens to be one of my best friends. When he suggested it, the first thing I asked him was whether or not I had to change pants. (I was wearing pajamas and not feeling like getting out of them and into respectable clothing.) He replied that, no, I didn’t have to. I love being an adult.

This one makes me laugh so hard. I wanted something glamorous, and we ended up taking like twenty photos with my friend telling me to stretch my neck this way or that way, and to look here or there, or to be more like an ostrich. I was trying so hard not to let my double-jointed elbows be so….bendy. Most of the photos are hilariously horrible – one looks like me falling out of the shot. But this one….I love it. 


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