On Being Away, Quickly

I’ve been super slammed with life this week (last week, too), so there’s been no time to post anything. I promise, you’ll have a real post now. (African time now, like maybe now, maybe soon, or at some time in the distant future.)


We have a Pope! I’m at 33% for my “Pope Wish List”: he’s South American, yay! But he’s also 76 (approaching octogenarian status) and pretty conservative when it comes to stuff like the gays (the whole “move the church into the 21st century” thing isn’t going to be happening any time soon).


Madeline and I played trivia last night for the first time in forever. Our only goal was to end the game not in last place. Mission accomplished. We ended up in the middle of the pack after somehow successfully completing the visual round which was naming the country of origin of some baseball players. Damn, we’re good, because it was a shot in the dark for us. We also did excellently in a few other categories. We did not fare so well at British slang or the first audio round.


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