On Pictures, While Being Simultaneously Mortified and Nostalgic

I’m in cleaning mode. My life has been so hectic lately that I’ve let a lot of things go (when is that not the case?) and I’m finally ready to attack everything.

Okay, so not so much “ready” as overwhelmed and drowning.

So to begin the cleaning, here’s a draft post that’s been hanging out for a while that should probably just get published. I was going to make it all awesome, but honestly, it’s just really nostalgic for me to look at all of these and wince about my adolescence.

It hurts so good to look at the awkward past.

(2005 – Senior Pictures. I am still in love with that dress, and am determined to wear it again someday.)

(Probably 2004 or 2005. Playing dress up with old Halloween costumes at someone’s house.)

(2005. I was so attached to my spiky belts.)

(Prom, 2006. My date hated everything. Prom itself was a terrifying experience, but getting ready for it was fun.)

(I know that this picture is in need of all sorts of doctoring, but I love it. To this day, my mom has an 8.5×11 copy framed in her house. She didn’t want to buy it, but I insisted. Notice the giant feet magnified by the water.)

(My brother and I in Washington D.C. – 2004? 2005? I was sixteen, I think.)

Edit: Note the time stamp on the photo. 2005. Definitely 2005.

(Can this be any more emo-glamour shot? All I need is a fan blowing back my 80s hair and a hand under my chin.)

(Still have those shoes. Also, holy shit – giant feet?)

(2007. Summer.)

(2007. Summer.)

(2008. Chicago. CTA. Headed to see the boys on the South Side.)

(2007. Denver summer. Clouds.)

(2007. Summer. Weird car picture.)

(2008. Downtown dorms at Loyola.)

(2007. We got kicked out of that bar immediately after the picture was taken due to a clash with some frat people. I was not yet 21.)

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