On the Best of Craigslist, Inspiredly (not a word, whatever)

I’m not sure how much time you spend on Craiglist. I visit the site a few times a week to read the “Missed Connections” because I think they’re sweet, but super weird. I once saw a missed connection that was directed at one of my friends! They had both been walking their dogs in the park, stopped to chat, and then parted. He wrote a missed connection for her, and then I saw it, and they went on a few dates. It didn’t turn into anything, but the possibility that it could have remains.

I also get most of my babysitting gigs through Craigslist. I’ll post something, then weed out any weird responses – and the grammatically incorrect ones – and then interview a couple of families.

In addition to the awesome community and flea market that is Craigslist, there’s also a “Best of Craigslist” website. That’s where I found the sweet Pontiac Grand Am ad you just saw. I think this is hilarious. It’s also going to be great inspiration for my own used car ad when I finally decide to sell Simon in eight years. “Duct tape!” “WOW!” “Glove compartment!” “AMAZING!” “Wheels!” “FOUR OF THEM!”

You’ve got to admire the chutzpah that went into the creation of this ad. You’ve got to admit that even though women do not want to get all up in your business when you drive a car like that, they might appreciate your sense of humor and still date you. I mean, I’m walking proof that a thriving love life can still exist when you don’t drive a Bugatti Veyron. Not going to lie, that car looks a lot like a HotWheel that I had and loved as a child. Not sure I’d want to get in a car that reminds me of being 8. On second thought, it does make me want to find that town/road mat we had and play with toy cars.



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