On the weekend

This was not a wild weekend, but it was still busy. (I find that no matter what I do, I end up exhausted on Sunday nights.) I babysat all day Saturday and in between, did laundry. I managed to get twelve hours of sleep on Saturday night; I guess I must have been tired. My head hit the pillow and I was out. I missed three phone calls during the night – something that never happens. It was so nice to roll over this morning and turn off the alarms and sleep for another three hours. It was like a college Sunday all over again and it was beautiful.

This one has not let me out of his sight this week. I woke up on Saturday and was trying to get some work done, so of course, Carlos found it very necessary to stomp all over my keyboard. Once I finally got him shoved off the computer, he laid next to me and curled his tail around my arm. I guess being loved is never a bad thing. However, the beast taking up 85% of my bed is not the most fun you can have. I keep waking up all the way on the edge with him stretched out happily over the rest of the width. I guess I’ll have to start being more territorial in my sleep.

Laundry! Laundry! Laundry! Loads and loads and loads of it! (The worst part is putting it all away, and so far, I’ve done absolutely no hanging up or drawer opening. Uggh, Monday night, then.)

Sometimes, I do laundry in my prom dress. I also have a big puffy white dress that I bought in college that’s perfect for playing dress-up with my 5-year old neighbor. Today, we played a little bit in our dresses and then had a tea party outside with strawberries, whipped cream, cookies, and tea. It was lovely.


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