On Ignorance, blissfully.

Um, I thought the goal of pro-lifers was to protect life from its conception instead of trying to blow up not only small clusters of cells growing inside of women but other people who may happen to be in the clinic too.

This is why abortion arguments and such make me so incredibly angry. As a society, we have an obligation to protect our people. We have an obligation to speak our minds (not blow up buildings to make a point). We have an obligation to participate actively and engage in politics and all-things government related. Instead, I feel like people jump on the social-issues bandwagon just because their pastor talks about it at church on Sunday. They believe what they feel in their hearts, what they know in their hearts to be the word of God.

Um, hello? I don’t care what your God says. What I care about is the Constitution. What I care about is how we as a society are working together for positive change, forward progress, that whole bit.

We’ve regressed to the point that we’re no longer able to discuss politics in a civilized manner.

We’re no longer intelligent enough to talk politics at all. In my opinion, that’s why we’ve reverted to fighting so desperately for social issues rather than the much larger (and arguably more important) issues of economics that are plaguing our country. We’ve chosen to be ignorant, to place our futures in the hands of Congress and the people pulling their Senator’s strings, the big corporations that are funding campaigns and driving policy decisions. It’s sickening.

We’ve stopped looking past the superficial facade that our candidates present. We’ve stopped caring about anything except their sex scandals and their family lives. Why? What good has it done?

And we – the American people – are blind to it, because we simply haven’t taken the time to learn anything about our own policies. We long ago stopped reading bills. We long ago stopped trying to take an active role in the decisions that our leaders make about our future as a people.

And that’s when everything started to go to hell, pardon the expression.

Stop listening to candidates who talk solely about social and religious issues. Better yet, keep listening, but listen better. Listen to what they’re not saying. And for those of you who vote solely on religion, remind yourself of a few things: Jesus didn’t hate people, Jesus didn’t react violently to people he didn’t like/was afraid, Jesus helped people.

We have to stop hiding from our own fears under blankets of grateful ignorance. They’re making everything worse. Stop worrying about abortion, gay marriage, whether or not the President spent too much time talking about basketball. Start worrying about bigger picture shit, like the fact that we won’t have a government to crucify if we continue along the path we’re on. We’re not a superpower any more. We are not #1. We need a huge slice of humble pie and some reflection about what we’ve done that’s landed us in this nasty situation. (and by nasty situation, I mean the fact that we stand overloaded with debt and war and overwhelming internal discontent and that some of our citizens are even suggesting that we invade yet another country. That’s hilarious, in the worst way.)

Start reading about what’s actually going on in your government. Start trying to understand the policies that we make. Understand our budgets, our structures, our strategies. Give it ten minutes a day. Look deeper than what you see on TV. Look past the sweater vests, the snappy campaign ads, the promises.

Vote according to what you know in your heart to be true, but first, fact check those feelings.

[by the way, violence usually isn’t the answer. To any question. Bombing a Planned Parenthood is sick. I don’t care if they perform abortions there. They do abortions at your local hospital – are you bombing them, too? No. And you wouldn’t. Reminder: 3% of what PP does is abortions (are abortions? subject-verb agreement issue here). 97% is other stuff that’s important. Like STI testing. Like birth control. You may not support abortion, but you shouldn’t try to stop those who do from having them. It’s not your life. Stop interfering. Also, I just love Wisconsin. They’re the home of custardlist.com, Kopp’s, and the Cheese Castle. How could you bomb such a beautiful (if politically contentious) state?]

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Bombing Draws FBI Vow To Protect Public Access To Abortion Clinics

Posted: 04/ 4/2012 11:54 am Updated: 04/ 4/2012 11:58 am

Planned Parenthood Bomb

In the wake of the Planned Parenthood bombing in Grand Chute, Wisc., the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reaffirmed its commitment to protecting women’s access to reproductive health facilities.

Teresa Carlson, special agent-in-charge of the FBI’s Milwaukee office, announced the arrest of 50-year-old Francis Grady for “arson of a building used in interstate commerce” and “intentionally damaging the property of a facility that provides reproductive health services” on Tuesday. She said in a statement, “The FBI will always investigate and bring to justice anyone who resorts to violence as a means to harm, intimidate, or prevent the public’s right to access reproductive health services.”

Around 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening, a bomb was placed on the windowsill of a Grand Chute Planned Parenthood clinic — one of the three Planned Parenthood facilities in the state that offers abortion services. The bomb went off, causing a fire at the clinic that damaged one of the exam rooms. No one was hurt.

Grand Chute law enforcement was able to track down Grady after his white SUV, which was spotted leaving the scene shortly after the bomb went off, was involved in a traffic accident nearby. Grady is scheduled to make his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Green Bay at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

U.S. Attorney James Santelle, Eastern District of Wisconsin, will be prosecuting Grady. He said in a statement:

“When the Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in 1994, it specifically empowered law enforcement to respond to those who engage in violent and other obstructive behaviors that interfere with access to reproductive services. The complaint that we filed today in federal court not only responds to the particular conduct of Francis Grady in committing arson at and causing damage to the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Grand Chute, but it also signals the continuing, strong commitment of federal, state, and local authorities to ensure access to clinics — and to seek criminal penalties against anyone who would compromise that right.”

source: Huffington Post, regrettably 


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