On the Chase

This is for Mom, mostly.

But I know the rest of you hate cats too, so enjoy!

Kevin and I worked from home the day of the blizzard a few weeks ago, which was absolutely wonderful. However, we (I) made the mistake of letting Carlos out to wander about in the snow. My thinking? What if he gets lost some day? He’ll need to know how to get home.

As it turns out, Carlos knows how to get home. But he also knows how to escape. Ever since that day, whenever you open the door to Kevin’s apartment – which inconveniently for me, opens directly to the outside world at ground level – Carlos is waiting. He doesn’t even wait for the door to open more than 6 inches. He’s ready to run. Which he does frequently. If I’m lucky, he’ll wait for me to start chasing him. Otherwise, he’s just going to go until you get ahead of him and make him go back. Then he slinks along the brick wall, looking for an alternate escape route. If he doesn’t find one, he’ll run back inside.

I wish I had more of a scaredy cat and less of a panther.

Ah, well, there’s always next time. [joke – I’m never getting another cat. After this, I’m moving on to dogs. They run in the park with you instead of run to the park away from you.]

from Reader’s Digest [yeah, I really am 80]:

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