On Being Wrong (and admitting it, ugh)

The other night, I made false claims as to Colorado’s status on the list of most STI infected states in the US. (I was absolutely bullshitting, for the record, although I think that one of my co-workers – or somebody?, in an attempt to scare me into post-collegiate celibacy, may have planted a statistical seed in my mind at some point that obviously blossomed into anti-fact.)
I double checked because I don’t like being wrong.
Turns out, it’s not Colorado at all. We’re not even in the top ten. It’s basically all of the South. And then New York and Illinois rounding out the top 10. (Get it, Chicago, and Joliet, and Urbana-Champaign. But mostly Towanda.)
Anyway. I apologize for spouting out untruths and have to clarify them because otherwise, my catchphrase “I’m not wrong” carries less weight.

(Ha, this is exactly like when I told Emily that we’re probably selling guns to Iran. Which, in all fairness, we probably are. Although we’re probably selling them through untraceable third-parties on the black market. I was just leaping across the middlemen to draw broad conclusions and left out the important middlemen parts. She looked at me like I was some sort of horrible anti-patriot. Needless to say, awkward situation ensued and I’ve avoided spouting out my beliefs on gun running ever since. Until now.)

In other “being wrong” news: I was talking to Tobias last night about my failure at the grad school thing. And basically, he reminded me that I’m an idiot (he didn’t actually call me an idiot) for only applying to one place [I was only thinking tuition cost] and then told me that he applied to more than 12 places before being accepted. He also reminded me that there are plenty of people actually working in the field who have super legit qualifications and are vying for the same spots. This made me feel better, although I didn’t admit it to him. “There’s no way I’m going to make you happy today, is there?” he asked. I shook my head, determined to be as difficult as possible.

On the plus side, it looks like my freelance job came through! I’m about to add WordPress to my list of skills, although I’m hoping that I can convince her to go another direction. I’m excited – this is going to be a challenging (and hopefully incredibly rewarding) project!

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