On Future Plans

What do I do when things get weird? Well, there are a few responses, but most of them include a serious increase in wild adventures and questionable decisions.

I always think of Mike whenever these things happen. He’d tell me one of two things (they both come from our favorite movies):
      -When life gives you lemons, say “Fuck the Lemons!” and bail.
      -or… Rule #72: No excuses, play like a champion.

I have a feeling this is one of those Rule #72 moments.

So, in keeping with those traditions of panic and drastic life-altering adventures, I made plane reservations. Be glad that I can’t afford tickets to Kenya; my roommate from South Africa, Margaret, is turning 50 this year and spending it doing work with women there. She invited me along! Perhaps I’ll start pinching pennies and try to make the trip out there before she leaves her year-long post.

I’m going to Chicago in February to spend a weekend with my old friends. Swisher will have just had ACL surgery, so he’ll be needing some care. (Not that I’m going to be proficient in providing any sort of care. I’m more of an errand-runner.) I haven’t seen Anne’s face since I was out there in July. And I would love to be able to snuggle with Maddie and Patrick. (Patrick remains my all-time-number-one-wingman for the incident of the Irish and the whiskey. I will love him until I die.)

The best one, though?
March. New York City. The Katies.
Katie has an interview out there and wanted someone to go along. So I am lucky enough to be her traveling companion. I am beyond thrilled. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I can’t even begin to tell you how bright this spot is in my otherwise complicated life-situation. We are going to spend four days being wonderful and wild all over New York. I dug around in my purse for my thank-you notes to send to her father, who graciously picked up my plane tickets, but found them to be covered in blush and the envelopes unusable. So I still sent him one – minus the blush – (in my excitement, I just want to say “Thank-You!” right away!) but included a note apologizing for the janky nature of the packaging (regular envelopes, not the cute ones). He’ll understand.

There are still adventures to be had. Life isn’t over yet. It never is. One thing that I do love about my workplace is the support. We’re mostly women, and since I’m the baby, I get the coddling that I sometimes really need. Today, I needed it. My lady boss, who I respect like nobody else, told me that I was going to be fine and that life is just one set of ups and downs after another. I realize that you can hear that said twenty times, but for some reason, I’m always ready to listen to her advice. So I’m letting it stick. This is just a down. There will be other ups.


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