On the Feline Sleepover

Last night was Carlos’s first (last? only?) sleepover at Kevin’s house. 

How did it go?
Um, well, I think. 
Carlos spent most of our awake time exploring, leaping on things, and trying to figure out what was on top of the counters. Instead of behaving himself and sleeping at the foot of the bed during my sleeping hours, he spent most of night wandering around or walking on top of Kevin.
Consequently, none of us got much sleep.  
This morning, like a horrible person, I didn’t take the time to make two trips to the car and back to get Carlos and necessary accessories. I just left him at Kevin’s. Let’s hope that he hasn’t managed to make a mess of things…let’s also hope he doesn’t run away. I felt like such a goon trying to tell him what to do if Carlos bolts – my instructions included “make food sounds” and “go tsk tsk tsk.” So obviously, I’m not winning the Normal-Girlfriend-of-the-Week award. 
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