Weekly Non Sequiturs and such

It’s been a quiet week.
Actually, the exact opposite is true.

Blog-wise, I’ve been substituting articles for actual original content, but you’ve already noticed that.

Life-wise, I’ve been making more calls to Mom asking her advice than I have in a long time. I hate that there are no right answers. I hate uncertainty. I hate it when people can’t communicate. So this has all been really fun. It’s not one thing. It’s all the things.

There is so much potential in a specific situation (which I am overjoyed about), and I’m worried that the slightest movement in the wrong direction could jeopardize everything. There’s been a lot of exterior pressure on this specific situation and I can tell that it’s starting to affect things. Honestly, I much prefer agonizing over my every move rather than agonizing over what else could be screwing this up. It’s cloudy territory and I’m in a position where I could be really hurt. I seriously do not want that to happen and will do everything in my power to prevent it. (This is why actually liking the people you date is problematic. The potential for pain is not pleasant.)

On the plus side, tomorrow will find me driving Frank (Mike’s car) up to the mountains. And then I will slide down the face of the mountain on my various body parts. It’s going to be excellent. Em’s going up with another group, so I’m thinking I will trade the greens for blues. Someone text me at 5am and remind me to bring ibuprofen.

I’m also going to a birthday party for one of the little girls I babysit. I’m excited. I still need to find her a present – I think I want to get her temporary tattoos. The little girls love them. Ever since we had the conversation about tattoos before I went swimming with them this summer, I’ve laughed every time I think about the middle one saying, “Mommy doesn’t let us have the kind that stays on forever,” when I offered her a temporary one from my car. I’m so lucky that I get to be a babysitter. I’m also so lucky I found this family – I seriously adore these people.

Mickey Avalon is in town tomorrow night. I have a feeling that this show will either be the biggest letdown ever or the best experience of my life. There is no middle ground. It’s definitely going to be an adventure. I’m excited.

Okay, million dollar idea of the day (other than Wine-Away, which removes the horrid wine stains from your lips before your 8am meeting, I don’t have much in that department): personal Google. I want to Google: “Do I own a VHS copy of Better Off Dead? Did I leave it in Chicago?” or perhaps “Where is my black mini skirt?” Both of those are seriously necessary queries. (If you’ve seen my black mini skirt, shoot me an email. I’m lacking sex appeal like mad and it’s all with that skirt!) If Google could just index all of my things and ideas and then just know where they are or what they were, I’d be such a better person. I’d be on time for work every day because it would know where my keys and phone are.

I’m wanting to make K watch Better Off Dead tonight. We were going to go down to the Parade of Lights, but I can see how that might not materialize as a solid plan. The early morning mountain trek precludes participants from partying heavily the night before, and if I am stuck downtown, I will naturally wander into a bar and commence adventuring. (I can’t help it. Adventure finds me, I swear.) So perhaps I’ll suggest quiet dinner and a movie? But does that make me/us lame? (Of course not, I’m Katie Barry and this kid’s got chutzpah to match – in a good way, not like traditional Hebrew-ish.)

I’ve been reading a website dedicated to black women. At times, I find it surprisingly boring – just like Cosmo stopped holding my interest when I was like 17 [secret confession: I bought one this month to read in the bathtub] – but there times when I can’t look away. I keep thinking, why can’t this be a multi-cultural site? But then I realize that most “multi-cultural” sites are totally in white-gaze and don’t even take into account multi-racial perspectives. Whatever. I’ve been reading about what I shouldn’t bring up in relationships (oops), which friends are toxic (ha, we already knew the answer to that), etc. It’s addicting. I mean, who doesn’t want to know the “7 Insecurities All Women Have in Relationships”? I do.

I’ve been being way too over-analytical lately. I can’t stop trying to put sociology on everything I see. It’s like my brain is turned on by the thought of grad school and so has started to work again, but instead of limiting its processing to normal work hours, I’ve had the urge to start deconstructing everything I see, hear, or read. If only I could channel all of this and get to work on my application, we’d be in business. I was so productive this week at work. Seriously. Overdrive. This is good.

Happy Friday, world. I hope you’re all loving your beautiful selves this weekend. I most certainly am.

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