On Strep

This picture was taken early in the day. 
By the end, I was frustrated, bruised, and nearly in tears. K was kind enough to make sure I got down the mountain alive, but by the end, I was overwhelmed. Too much ice and too many people, combined with the stress of spending more than half of my time on my butt, knees, or wrists was too much. I was mad at myself; I wanted to do better. I just wanted to stay up, but couldn’t. 
I didn’t cry, but it was close. I’m paying for it now. Every muscle in my body is a mess. 
But I cant wait to do it again…although, I’d like to wait until the worst of the bruises have healed. 
Here’s hoping that next time brings progress!
I woke up yesterday morning with a majorly sore throat. Thinking nothing of it, I headed in to work. My lady boss said that she heard strep in my throat. Since my doctor’s office couldn’t get me in yesterday or today, they sent me to urgent care (thanks, guys. I appreciate that a lot – nothing like the $50 copay to get me all excited about not feeling good). The doctor who examined me winced when she saw my throat. It was strep, just as G had predicted. 
So I spent yesterday on the Love Sac, curled up with the cat (his worry about my health only extends as far as my ability to feed him), trying to get comfortable. I cried twice yesterday. I am not usually such a cryer, but I know I’m really sick when I just break down. I took a hot bath, trying to calm down and at least get one temperature through my body, but couldn’t reach up to get my bra off. So I took a bath with my bra on. 
 I finally fell asleep as the afternoon wore on, and I felt marginally better after my nap. I slept through the second half of the football game and through the night. I’m hoping to get some work done today, lest they think I’m a horrible employee, but I’m also hoping to really get myself back to normal. 
I’m going back to sleep. I’ll write something more coherent later, I hope. 

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