On weather, ew.

It seems like I blinked and suddenly it was fall.

In all of my praise for how awesome radiator heat is, I must have neglected to remind myself that they are only wonderful when they’re on. And since the days will still heat up to a reasonable temperature for at least another month, we’re not likely to see radiator heat until mid-October, which is for the best as we’d be sweating and miserable in our apartment otherwise.

However, rather than sweating and miserable, I am shivering and miserable. The cat climbs on top of me in the middle of night (I’m not sure if this is so he can get warm or so he can act like a small airplane blanket), and so I wake up with yellow eyes in my face. The first time it happens to you, it’s terrifying. After that, you sort of just roll over and shove him off. I’m going to have to get out the quilts and go digging around for extra blankets for myself – he’s already got his airplane blanket situation sorted. He has a beautiful dark blue fleece and satin blanket that he has laid claim to.


And of course, the broken window isn’t helping things at all.

But, I am looking forward to the winter because of snowboarding. This is the year I am going to learn it, get really awesome at it, and then get better. Now that E and I have snowboards, we’re ready to attack the mountains and become real 20-something Coloradans, emphasis on the rad.

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