It’s been one of those weeks where your dreams are too real. I am living in those moments, making conscious decisions, and ultimately, freely thinking my own thoughts.

That’s the weirdest part for me. The thoughts.
I woke up startled, not quite terrified, on Thursday morning. I’d just had a pregnancy-labor dream. I realize I’ve probably just been reading too much of NPR’s Baby Project (it’s sort of cute; if you’re into that sort of thing, you should check it out).
In my dream, I was in labor, at the hospital, walking around with my mom and wearing one of those horrible hospital gowns. But the strangest part of the dream was that I kept thinking how I was only x amount of time into labor and already bored.
I sincerely hope that someday, my worst fear for childbirth is how bored I am. I reached down and felt my flat stomach and breathed a sigh of relief. Carlos meowed as he usually does when I bother him too early in the morning, and then came up to snuggle me, and I fell back asleep just as the sunlight was starting to creep through the trees that shelter my window from the street.
And last night, again. But nothing like babies this time. Last night I was an assassin. Don’t ask – it was one of those vivid, shifting dreams where it’s suddenly winter and you’re in Minnesota and then you’re creeping around a house/building/warehouse and you’re killing people. I went down a faux-grass (astroturf) slide like a fish and killed a Japanese guy with crazy hair and a nice suit who happened to be a better at imitating fish movements than me.
That was probably really weird for you, so: Imagine a dark room with a giant, twisty slide that’s not a slide at all, but rather an astroturf covered ramp, and in order to get down it with your gun in your hand, you have to flop like a fish. (I’m not even graceful in my dreams. Great.)
This is the prime example of why I’ll never work for the CIA. I’m not graceful, I’m bad at stealthily fish-flopping, and I have a conscience.
Usually, these wild dreams mean I have a lot on my mind and that I’m overtired. Surprise! Guess what? Both are correct.
The Chicago trip was so worth it, but it nearly killed me, even though I got to spend most of Monday asleep on the couch (as much as I hated missing work, it was so nice to veg out and watch bad television).
Anyway, I’m hoping to get caught up on my sleep this weekend. Babysitting means I’m usually exhausted by the time I get done, so there’s little chance I’ll want to go out dancing (which so bums me out – I haven’t had one of those wild, reckless and possible regrettable [just kidding] nights in ages). Which means sleep – definitely necessary since I have to work essentially a full day tomorrow. The 9-5 hours I missed on Monday and then more babysitting!
Maybe I’ll be able to get to the park before I babysit on Sunday. Or maybe I’ll get to work and log more hours! (That’s ambitious – it won’t really happen and we all know it. I’ll sleep, I’ll probably make some pasta, I’ll be slow to get going – and by then, my weekend will be over.)
But I’m excited for real work tomorrow because I am in creativity mode and thus more prone to devoting my attention to the task of brochure creation. We’ll see how it actually turns out.

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