The weekend was quiet, but not terribly so.
I babysat, went to Boulder, came back down, had brunch with Emily, did laundry, went for a walk, babysat, helped Jacob clean his house, babysat, went to dinner with Heidi and Val and then saw a movie, and then went back to Jacob’s to help him finish.

Saturday night, I brought Carlos with me to Jacob’s. He hates cars, he hates being carried, he hates his leash. I don’t know why I keep trying, but you absolutley cannot walk a cat. He won’t behave. He’ll try to escape. You’ll pick him up, and for your trouble, he’ll claw you.
You’ll be bleeding, from your chest and your knees, and you’ll have a squirming ball of angry black fur in your arms. And you’ll have to throw him into your car and slam the door and then watch him look at you with wide green eyes.

And that’s just the beginning.

We slept over, so of course, the litterbox was an issue. I’d brought a shoebox, but he didn’t have enough room to turn around and get comfortable, so we were woken up by the sounds of scratching in the litterbox and then a sad sounding meow.
This was repeated.

We leashed him and took him out. He was a street cat, of course he’ll know what to do.
Nope. Went under some bushes. And then tried to get under a fence into a construction site.

It appears I have much work to do. I wonder if we could join some doggy training classes at the Dumb Friend’s League.
I wonder if they’d judge me for trying to make my cat into a dog.

Alas, we arrived home safely. He was immediately quite happy to be back at home. (I think that every time we go somewhere he thinks that I might leave him or that we’re going to the vet, where he’ll have to have surgery or some other horrible procedure. I’m hoping that enough nice outings will reinforce the fact that I’m not leaving him, that I do love him, and that he’s stuck with me.)

I woke up this morning with him curled up in my arms. He, too, hates the alarm.

He’s been eating dog food lately. I wonder if it’s bad for his health. Last time Ely brought his golden down, Carlos was relcoated, and we just left the dog food in a container. I went into the kitchen the other day, and there was Carlos, crunching on dog food. Ely’s dog tries to eat Carlos’s wet food, so maybe pet foods are sort of interchangeable.

However, I’m hoping that soon we can get Carlos to get comfortable with the dog. This may prove to be an interesting situation, and honestly, I worry more about the dog than Carlos. He can hold his own. The dog, hwoever, has a sweet disposition and a curious nature. Carlos will eat him alive.

The answer?
Kitten mittens.

Tonight, I’m going to bribe him with wet food so he’s not upset when I go to Boulder.

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