Beautiful day, beautiful mood.
Is there anything better?

My mouth is gin dry, my hair limp, my body sore, and my mind gorgeously foggy.
My attention span is zapped; my day smacks of endless repetition; I am content. (Every time I write a triadic sentence, I flash back to Mr. Hilbert’s classroom. I am 17 again. AP English is the bane of my existence. I’ll never forget Mary Hayes’ sentence:  He was grotesque; he was ugly; he was my prom date. – or something to that affect.)
These are the waning days of my youth, after all.

The night began with the procedures of self-preservation and ended with the tossing out of all best intentions, but doesn’t that describe the best nights?

Woke up surrounded by cloud-white sheets. Rolled over and groaned at the coming day.

Oddly fulfilled.

I also have some nasty dubstep playing. There is not enough RedBull in the world to contain me. Or to fuel my future.

Off to be productive, to produce, to hit the grind….whatever it is that the corporate world might be.

On a sidenote, my desk is a hand-me-down (obviously). It’s full of odds and ends, and they’re all perfect for someone with my small attention span. My current obsession? A stamp that simply says “Acknowledgement.” We are nearly paperless, although I find myself stamping things just so I can see the remnants of the 80s business mentality on paper. Acknowledgement.

It’s almost as good as the PostIt that said “Relocate.” Apparently I wrote it, although I’m not sure what for or why. I got into work one day, and there it was, sitting on my computer. “Relocate.” I was furious – they don’t want me? They don’t like me here and the subtle reminder was there. Relocate.
Turns out, I had set it there. Of course. It was a cute joke for awhile.

Love your day, love your life.

Also, I miss Carlos. Jacob has him. And they’re happy. I’m jealous.

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