Fruitypants: or why I love my little brother

These are those rare moments when you realize that everything is truly beautiful, and you must not be missing anything at all.
Our trivia team took 4th place (out of 32 teams) at the citywide competition on Saturday, and as a result, had Nuggets tickets.  I took Mike with me, and we met Heidi and one of her friends.
And it was a genuinely, unexpectedly lovely evening. Mrs. Hosanna had noticed that I’d checked into the Pepsi Center on Foursquare (yet another application for the advanced stalking of our friends, but one that seems to do me good at times), so she sent me a text and I went down to see her and Aunt Judy and the rest of the family at halftime.

I’m glad Mike and I got to spend some quality time together. Lately we’ve been keeping very different schedules and it’s been hard to schedule time.  Mike had a blast talking basketball with the guy sitting next to him, and I had a blast listening to him talk about betting. I am starting to get a basic idea of what it entails. He was exuberant after finding out that his parlay had gone through and he’d won $150. (Which is good because his betting  money comes from my bank account – I should start charging a fee every time.)

But we were talking on the ride home, having lapsed into one of our infrequent yet necessary “real talk” sessions and he goes, “We’re not like other people…Do you know how much we’re loved?” and proceeds to wax on about how wonderful our lives are.

And even though I fall into the melancholy thinking that life is kind of shitty sometimes, it is so much more than that.

I really am grateful that I’m not an only child. I love Mike because I know that he’s going to grow up and be this great person. I admire him. He reads more than me (never thought you’d hear that, did you?). He explores things that interest him. He loves Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. He’s this wise man crammed into the body of a 21 year old.

We are polar opposites. But we work really well together. He keeps me in line and I do the same, just at different times. I conceptualize and he does details. I socialize and he does the math. It works. However, no one does the grocery shopping.

I have a very full life that’s overflowing with great things. And I really do love every single minute of it. Thanks for the reminder, Mike. You’re the best.

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