I get really upset when I hear the debate about public education in this country.

One day, I would really like to be able to send my kids to public schools. At the moment, I wouldn’t. I know I’m biased based on my private school education, but the public school system needs an overhaul.

Class size? Salary? Supplies?
Screw it all. Our country doesn’t do enough with what we’ve got. We spend so much time trying to cut necessary human services so we can waste money on bombs.

Let’s have teachers who have enough support that they’re not burning out after two years!
Let’s have people who are passionate about what they do in charge of the public school system rather than having administrators run it all like a business (some of them have never set foot in a classroom in a teaching capacity!)

Let’s get everyone involed. Screw state mandated test scores. Screw performance based funding.

Let’s start over. Let’s re-do the system. And let’s make sure that our kids are getting the best education possible; it’s the only way that the US has any sort of future.

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