The almighty Internet

This week has been especially professionally fulfilling for me.
I realize that it’s weird to say, but there have been small accomplishments that really boost my confidence as far as potential goes.
You’ve been reading my blog long enough (maybe) to realize that I’m terrified of being stuck in that mediocrity that I feel I live in, but I’m also terrified to realize how capable I actually am. (I know what you’re thinking. She’s so melodramatic; not this again. But deal with it.)

That being said, today I updated the company website for the very first time. By myself (mostly, there was a bit of input from my colleague Heather). I added links to images on our Partners page. And then I put them up live on the website unaided.
That was the scariest part, I think; messing around with our actual, real website. Not just saving and testing HTML code internally.
But I did it. And now I’m comfortable enough that I could do it again.

And for me, that’s a small step toward something.

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3 thoughts on “The almighty Internet

  1. Hooray for updating company websites! I've been doing that quite a bit, and it feels boring and old hat to me now. But I don't work in HTML! That sounds scary! You go girl! (I felt like going back to 1995 for a second there).

  2. I'm secretly jealous of all the traveling you get to do for your job!I hope things are going well with that!And thanks for enjoying my article! Happy Friday!

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