The "Hamventure"

We were sitting in Starbucks, sipping coffee and catching when, out of nowhere, I shouted, “Oh my god! It’s Monday! We have to get a ham!”

I pushed back my seat, tossed my coffee cup in the trash, and barreled out the front door with a very confused Madeline trailing behind me.
We put the address into the GPS and somehow ended up at 29th and Havana, which is in the middle of the Stapleton development in Aurora.

“Turn left on Beeler,” the GPS announced.

“Is there a Beeler?” Maddie asked.


We found it and turned and ended up having to make a long drive back to Havana and Yale. It included a desperate phone call to the Honey Baked Ham people asking them their cross streets.

As it turns out, the GPS had decided to remove the “South” direction and instead had routed us north.
It turned out to be a delicious adventure indeed, with free smoked turkey samples and a ham sandwich along the way.

Grandma was quite pleased with the outcome, although I was sure she was worried that I’d entirely neglected my duties. (I hadn’t, obviously.)

However, this whole “hamventure” leads me to believe that I’m still not entirely confident in my re-adoption of my mental Denver map. I have been getting lost in dumb places for dumb reasons. The other night, I was trying to get on 6th heading west from Santa Fe, and for some reason, completely missed 8th and ended up having to do the Kalamath loop. It was a mess. I was a mess.
Those little things really throw me.

But alas, given enough time, the city will be mine again.

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