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This is the post-camping trip post.

You’ll be surprised to hear that I survived four nights in the wilderness. John and I left on Sunday for a three night adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park. By the time we got there, the camping spots were all nearly full, so we ventured a little further out of Estes to a spot where we proceeded to set up the tent at dusk.
The days have all blurred together, as they are wont to do when one is lost in the woods (not necessarily lost, but you’ll understand the idea of it all). Three different campsites in the four days, the second being my favorite.
We ended up following Trail Ridge Road all the way through, which was something I’d never done. I was amazed to see people biking the road; I’d be terrified to even try to do that. They are paving the road at higher elevations and this seems to cause a back up in traffic. So there was a lot of sitting.
We stole salt and pepper shakers from the Alpine Center. This is only because they sold nothing of importance or mountain value. It was all souvenirs, which under normal circumstances are acceptable and even welcome, but when I had already been in the woods for hours, days nearly, and was in dire need of salt and pepper (among other things), finding decorative vases was an unpleasant experience.
We ended up at Willow Creek Reservoir near Grand Lake for our second and third nights. It was a wonderful escape, quiet, removed, beautiful view. We specifically chose our campsite for the sake of the view and were sad to leave, but forced to do so because of a sudden influx of unruly children.
And normally I love children. (That’s a proven fact.) But these kids and chaperones were annoyingly present at all hours.
We hiked around the lake and up a path that we found but were unable to drive up to. Once we got down to the water, we went swimming (sort of a shower, sort of a swim, mostly a freezing cold mountain water experience) and then sat in the sun.
It was wonderful.
The last night, I laid awake for most of the night and was glad that we didn’t get to do the hike that we had planned. Exhaustion would have overtaken me. Instead, we headed into the National Forest and did some hiking there.
Two things I love: my mountain backpack (obviously) and my new hiking boots.

This post isn’t done but I’m too tired to finish and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow.


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