The General Update

San Francisco has come and gone, and with it went so many things.

It closed the chapter of the book I’ll later call college and it tied up the ends of friendship. Not in any negative way, but in a way that will cement the bonds I have with those girls. They are all contained and were expressed perfectly in that week.

I returned to Colorado lighthearted, which seems to be the theme of this summer so far, having made a decision and set of realizations that would free me from something I had mentally shackled myself to.
And then it happened, change and chance and perfect timing and thus my life began again, reinvigorated with a sense of freedom.

I’m hanging in the strangest balance at the moment. I am nowhere and everywhere, yet I’m no longer worried or wavering in my steps. I told Mom the other day that I think I’d find myself in South Africa and she gave me a look and said something about me calling her to let her know where I was once I’d figured it out.
I returned her look with one of equal exasperation.

But here we are now staring down the end of July and I’m wondering where all the time went. Summer is almost over and weeks are slipping past me without me ever thinking about it. Hours, days, I’ve no time for anything. I feel as though that sense of urgency is actually adulthood approaching but I’m trying to stave it off as long as I can. You only live once and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

There are also some things that remind me that the past is never really quite the past and that friendships created can be maintained or preserved even if they are forced to languish in a stagnant state for a long time. Sometimes it’s just the people you know that can make you believe in yourself and in your life and in your dreams. (That was way too happy for my usual outlook, but for some reason, this summer has brought with it possibility and intrigue and all the wonderful things I so adore.)

I’m excited for my next few weeks in Denver.

P.S. – Aunt Jan wins awesome Aunt of the Week points for gifting me with an exciting assortment of Clinique swag. I’m always so thrilled with funny little stuff like that, because somehow it’s always exactly what I needed. I’m going to wear the eyeshadow out tonight, so I’ll report back on my findings.

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