Friday house cleaning

Bruise watch: Day 7: Purples, yellows, hints of green. It’s not so much the bruise that’s worrying me at the moment but it’s the fact that I’m still in pain when I walk on it. But there’s no way I’m about to go to the Wellness Center for it, so it’s going to have to wait until I get back to Colorado.

The days are passing quickly. I spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning. It’s a slow process and I don’t feel as though I accomplished a lot. I’ve been lounging today; I think I’m still trying to catch up from the weekend and the settling in of that horrid sleep schedule. But there will be cleaning today and then there will be game night with some friends. 
We have an open house tomorrow morning, so Carlos and I are going for a drive. (I will have to hide his litter box somewhere…) I don’t want anyone to know I have a cat this late in the game, although I’m sure that he’s been spotted hanging out in the windows. 
The people below us on levels one and two have moved out. It’s weird; I always used to talk to the family on the first floor. The dad was always going to work at weird hours and once he almost gave me a bike when mine had a flat tire. The mom was always trying to wrangle the two kids. One once told me to “have fun at college.” It was adorable. 
I’ve been cancelled on three times for babysitting this week. Once from a woman whose child had developed hand, foot and mouth or something for Wednesday day. And then I filled Wednesday night, but her book club was cancelled and so was I. And my regular Thursday afternoon cancelled as well. It’s always nice to not have to work, of course, but at the same time, I’ve been looking forward to that income. It’s going to be a really rough couple of months financially and any extra cash helps. 
(I’m going to put out a nannying post once I get back to Denver….hopefully someone will pick me up for six weeks post or even some random evenings.)
I still hate Kobe Bryant. I don’t want him to be compared to Michael Jordan; it’s frustrating. He’s not a good human being. I have this conversation at least ten times a year, and I think this year I’m going to learn all of his stats so I can throw down with people and fight them about his supposed greatness.

The weather in Chicago is insane right now. It was hot today, then it turned cloudy, and now the sky has opened up as is unleashing torrents of rain on the city. Carlos hates thunderstorms. At the first sign of distant thunder, he was under the couch. As the storm grew closer, I looked down to see how he wa doing. He was gone.
I always know where to find him when I can’t see him in one of his normal haunts.
I crawled down and looked under my bed. There in the darkness, next to boxes from my bed frame and assorted items, I saw two yellow eyes. He doesn’t come out once he’s under there. He’ll sit there until the storm has passed. I love him.
I met someone else’s cat last night, and I will say that it is nothing like mine. It was small and skinny and very cat-like. It seemed fragile and dumb. I was so happy to get home to see Carlos, who is thick and smart and has intelligent eyes and a pensive gaze.
We’re going in for vaccinations on Thursday. (At my vet they’re half-priced on Thursday and I have a $10 coupon.) He’s going to be upset. He hates that. 

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