smish smash

Moody, for some reason.
Spent the day alone. While I realize that it’s going to be my future, I’m still sort of stressed out about it. I’m not really social but I guess I am more social than I think I am.
Tomorrow is going to be my big day of cleaning. Today was my lump around day. Tomorrow: Simon and then the house. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, and oh dear, my room.
On the plus side, Cat is much happier with me. I did some research today and I realized that he looks to me as his alpha cat. I sent Mom a good morning this is a cat picture this morning, but she wasn’t really a fan.

I got an A in Social Work! We’re waiting on one more grade to come rolling in before we know the final score of college. ha, looking the final push has my GPA hovering around 3.1. That I can live with.

oh, by the way, the next apartment needs a bathtub. I’ve suffered dearly for four years and I’d prefer not to have to do so any longer. This, perhaps?:

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