the final countdown (do-doo-do-doo-do-do-do-do) –the song.
Can you tell it’s 2am?

less than 9 hours!

4 of my grades are already in and considering how much studying I did this semester (none), I’m pretty impressed:

Spanish  B-
(I got EXACTLY the same grade on the final as I did on the midterm: 86)

Topics in Gender Studies B-

Advanced Reporting B

Statistics  A-

and then I asked my social work teacher on Thursday how I was doing and she said A, so I’m redoing my final paper (just to suck up) so that I have a solid A

and then I’m finishing a paper tonight/tomorrow morning (there is about to be a nap) and then giving a presentation starting at 9am…..for Women’s and Gender Studies and I’m totally going to get a B+ or an A- or maybe an A, but maybe not.

All in all, graduating with a 3.1 GPA.
(Not bad, considering)

To save money, I’m dropping my third minor. (boo) and taking only 1 class in the summer (marketing 201) and then living the dream.

Big, wide world, here I come!

Mom told me she was proud of me today.

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