The following post is jumbled thoughts:

I’m not sure if I’ve let the breath out yet.
I might still be holding it.
I’m nervous.
Lots of things are brewing at the moment, most of them troubling and a few bright and sunny.
There was an email. The storm warning. No response yet, and I’m trembling for fear of what will happen, but I’ve hunkered down with an escape plan, you know, in case something goes terribly wrong.
Which it will, because life is like that.

I finally get why people always use the storm metaphor to describe their emotions. It’s lame, and overdone, but totally applicable and legitimate. I am that storm at the moment. Laughing hysterically about something funny, being excited about life, terrified about money, stressed about my living situation.

I bought a home yoga DVD. Don’t judge me. I tried it last night. Basically I sort of just half paid attention to it, and I think I liked it. I’m looking quite forward to an empty apartment for the month of June. Seventeen days, baby, a few of which I will be in Colorado for. We’re going to be cleaning out my car today, maybe, getting everything organized to begin the packing. The packing. I’m going to try and bring home as many dishes as possible, in order to make sure that I get everything back. I’m hoping to not have to ship anything.
I keep focusing on that. Mike and I need to buckle down and get an apartment. That will be my Denver plan.

Finals are almost over. I turned in the wrong paper for one of my classes. Literally turned in a draft. She was not pleased. I was mortified. I turned in the right paper but don’t expect much of a grade boost.

Have a meeting with an internship advisor at 1pm this afternoon to see about figuring out summer. Pros and cons to the whole job/3rd minor thing….

-Pros: $
-Cons: is anyone going to hire me when I can only work for a month?

Stay for three classes:
-Pros: Self-fulfillment, three minors,
-Cons: Costs a ton.

So here’s what it’s looking like it might be: a split between the two of them. No money and no third minor. Take two classes, get a slight GPA boost, babysit extra hours hopefully and then move home.
The money thing is freaking me out. I’m going to get really good at navigating the loans system soon.

Mission for next week, post finals:
-pack, pack, pack!
-go to the beach
-babysit if I can

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