A million different things today:

I’m mulling over summer plans. I know, summer semester starts in like three weeks, why don’t I have it together?
As of right now, I’m enrolled in two classes (I only need one to graduate) and am looking to add a third.
This will allow me to get my third minor.
Problem: the third class that I need (any 200-level Sociology class) isn’t offered during the first summer session, which would mean that I’d have to stay in Chicago all through July into August, which is definitely not an option.
Possible solutions: drop the third minor and get a job. But then there’s the problem of employment. Many people are going to be reluctant to hire someone for two months. And I would feel accomplished if I could say that I have three minors. (Even though it’s at added cost. The plus side to this is a GPA boost.)
Or, as I am planning on doing, adding my third class as an internship. The only problem is going to be the problem of finding one, getting it count for credit, etc. There’s the chance (although it diminishes as I realize that it’s probably going to be a non-profit internship, if I get one) that I could get paid for it, thus solving the money problem.
However, I am focused right now on finishing college rather than on money, only because we’re right there, we’re so close, let’s not stop now. Loans, baby, loans.

Also, I am going to San Francisco in July. My friend Anna got a week at her aunt and uncle’s time share as her graduation present and so all of us are packing up and heading out for a week before our real lives begin. I’m thrilled. I think it’s going to be one of the best adventures yet, and with free lodging? Even better.

I took my last Statistics test today. I have an A or a B+ going into it, and if I do well on it, I don’t have to take the final because my grade will just stick. Part of me wants to take the final anyway just to see how I’d do. So I might, because I really want that A.
And other than that, it’s looking like my final push of academic attempts might pay off in the end.
But maybe not. I’m two weeks late turning in a ten page paper for my Social Work class, but I think that it’s just about the most ridiculous thing ever, so whatever.
I’m meeting with a professor today to talk about a paper that’s due tomorrow and then it’s back home to get things done. Perhaps I’ll stay in the library all day and just churn out work.

After I re-write two articles for Advanced Reporting to get my B, then write that ten page social work paper, then write a six page gender theory paper, I’m done, done, done.
Spanish listening final tomorrow, so I’m going to need to review vocabulary and tenses tonight. I’m really good at listening, so I never stress about the listening parts, but if I can do well on it, it’ll boost my final grade.

Gender theory/english final on Tuesday. Meeting with an internship lady on Tuesday.
Spanish final Friday.
Women’s studies presentation/final Saturday.

Done.  Then begins the packing process for the long drive.
If you’re flying Southwest, you should bring an extra suitcase and let me pack stuff in it. Mostly books and trinkets, and maybe winter clothes. I’m going to make Mike take back my George Foreman and waffle maker if he can. If not, just books and winter things. That way, I’ll have less to ship when it’s all said and done.

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