Moderately Redirected Life Planning

Luckily for me, Mike has been getting into Buddhist literature this year. 
Three books arrived at the house for him yesterday. I have been begging him to let me read some of them, and I keep forgetting to raid his apartment for ones that he’s already read.
He handed me one about compassion, then immediately took it back, declaring me already compassionate.
Instead, I was handed one about energy. (This isn’t technically Buddhist literature; it’s more in the vein of self-help. Lame, I understand.) I took it upstairs, ran a hot bath and dove in. To the book, not the bath.

Ah, I read the whole thing. It’s a silly parable about a miserable man whose life and marriage are on the rocks. He gets a flat tire and then is forced to ride a bus. This bus is the Energy Bus and it changes his life.
Please know that I am aware of the how ridiculous this sounds. I’m not one hundred percent on it, but I’m hoping that I can get myself behind it. All of this motivational crap (and most of it is crap) sells and sells and sells. And since I’m not necessarily in any position to give advice, I’m going to try re-organizing my life and getting myself re-situated as I prepare to start a new phase of my life.

Alright, that’s all fine and well, but here’s the funny part:
You can invite people to join your bus. Read all of those tickets. This is why self help is only for a select group of people. You have to know people who want tickets like that. I have all the support I need, I don’t need a piece of paper to prove it. My favorite is the last one. It reads, “GET ON THE BUS.” I can just imagine someone screaming that at a child. The mental image might have just given me enough positive energy to start today. (Perhaps that’s not the energy he was talking about?)

The other funny part is the book jacket. It was put on incorrectly. It’s folded completely off-center, so the spine of the book is actually on the front of the book. But it’s all about positive energy right? So a little setback like incorrect alignment shouldn’t matter.

Also, for those of you who understand MTV’s “Jersey Shore” phenomenon, there was fist pumping as the main character got off the bus one day. Nothing like integration of pop culture and help culture, if you will.

Seriously. Today, I am taking a page out of Mike’s book (who ever thought I’d be saying that? He’s like a little sage wiseman lately, though) and getting on the bus. (Don’t ever tell anyone I told you that). I’m going to collect all the positive energy I can and radiate it outward. I do believe that this might mean making lists. You know me. I’m the most unorganized person ever. I live in my own space and I control it, but that does not mean that it is conventionally organized. Perhaps I’m going to have to start setting small goals daily and then getting them done. You know, building successful life skills for, well, life.

Hah, I’m starting today off with a drive to Greeley and then Ft. Collins to pick up Mike and then run an errand for someone Mom works with. And then I hope there’s going to be hiking.
Apparently, the one apartment building that looks too good to be true is. Reviews online say it’s horrible. But we’re going to check it out anyway, because all reviews of everything are bad.

Positive Energy! (I’ll be interested to see how long this lasts.)

Edited: I get upstairs to take a shower and find that there’s a broken blood vessel in my eye. I’m going to look perma-hungover or the better part of the day. Nothing says positive energy like red eyes.

Not that long.
I’m pumping myself up with Starbucks. I’m going to go throw $4 away on a delicious twenty ounce drink. And I am going to enjoy it. Deal with it and have a good day.

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