Mobile Uploads

These are uploads from my phone; mostly taken today. Spring break has arrived, a full week, fully welcomed respite from school for me. Blissful. Thus far, I’ve nearly finished a book, something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time. 
I find spending money on literature not a waste at all, even though the books are terribly expensive. While I’m home, I need to make sure I get to the Book Rack and pick up some new novels. (Whether or not I’ll have time to get to them before I graduate will remain a mystery.) I only say this because I spent the better part of my babysitting earnings this week on books at the airport. I don’t know why I do it, but every time, I can’t help the lure of the open, miniature book stores selling brightly colored paper and over-priced snacks. Always. I’m usually able to stop myself from buying magazines, but books, ah, books. My one true love, I think. 
Emma, John and Cate were spending the night at Grandma Al’s. I love tucking children in and reading books; it’s a surprisingly relaxing activity. It was great to see them. They are excited for me to graduate and become “an adult.” (God, that’s a scary thought, isn’t it?) 
There were scarves present tonight for some odd reason or another, and Mike and I put them on, as did Cate and Emma. Emma also loved the idea of taking pictures on my phone, so most of these are the result of her endeavors. I mindfully deleted a rather obscene photo of pizza. Not obscene in that is was offensive, but obscene in that it offended my delicate (hah) stomach. 
Oh, by the way, the first picture is Cate’s “stink eye.” Adorable. 
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