Salad and Speaking Up

Not loving my Thursday night social work class. Love the idea of it, but in reality, it’s a strange show and tell experience.
Last week, she asked us what we thought of our books so far. Well, I have a strong opinion about one of them. It’s an 150-page book called “The Call to Social Work.” Sounds nice, right? Wrong. It cost me $42 and it’s a poorly written collection of personal stories. Essentially Chicken Soup for the Social Worker’s Soul. I would have rather purchased the entire Chicken Soup collection and read it.
So I raised my hand.
And said all of that.
I went up to her at the break and apologized. So I hope that helped, but probably not. Undermining a teacher’s authority, albeit accidentally, is never a good thing. I had the support of the class too.
So I’m writing my paper and I have to make sure that it reeks of social work comprehension and compassion.
It will, of course.

Spinach, green apples, cranberries, french dressing, and a fried egg. Don’t ask me why, but this is the salad I have been craving (and eating every day) all week. The egg isn’t really part of the salad, it just lives on top. Today I put in blueberries.  I realize it’s gross, but it’s so good.
Maybe I’m needing more iron? Eating tons of Cheerios too, and they’re also a good source of iron.

Staying completely hydrated isn’t as easy as it looks. Taking my thermos (omg, I’m in love) wherever I go and then also dragging around a water bottle.

This is cute procrastination, can you tell?
We’re doing the preterite in Spanish this week and the first test is tomorrow. If I’ve been bad at anything thus far, it’s Spanish. The first semester was remarkably easy, but this semester is proving to be a challenge and I’m reluctant to take it on. Ugh, between that and the 100 page report on public schools for a meeting tonight, as well as the readings for three other classes tomorrow and the five page paper, I’m starting to get stressed to the point of inactivity. Inactivity for me = frenzied activity doing anything unproductive. So far I’ve read skimmed a book on Tantra, critically analyzed two episodes of the Tyra (Banks) show for feminist content, made salad, typed a blog, worked out (again) and am now about to go make notecards for Spanish.

We’re having a costume party at our apartment on Friday night, and I’m not sure how it’s going to go. It was one of those things where random people are inviting random people that I’m not entirely sure about, but I’m not wary since everyone knows someone…anyway, I need to clean. (That’s the moral of that story, I guess.) That’s going to take me all of tomorrow and Friday. I want to put everything of value away, but have double-booked myself for Friday night. Hosting my own party but going down to something called Light Circles to see a friend talk and then see how it is. I’m not sure what to expect.

Sunday is the Super Bowl! I’m using my beloved Crock-Pot and making chili with cheddarwursts. I love the Midwest.

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