This isn’t an actual entry. But I guess it is.

Had the strongest urge to write but then I sat down and my words had run away….
tomorrow:  or perhaps, at some later date: ha, this is a thought list. don’t judge me.

-why I love commas (I think about this all the time and really don’t think it’s good enough to blog about)
-Chicago  (subheadings: public schools, police, other things, food, culture, the red line idea…all the things I’ve learned, etc)
-women’s bodies
-rap music as a means of cultural influence (problematic, yes, pervasive, also)
-discourse and its place in education
-education or life experience. jesuits. whole person-hood (yeah, that)
-graffiti as an art form (potentially) –also, how people in Chicago suck with spray paint
-I looked through all of my old photo albums on facebook today, and I realized that I have loved my life.
—subheaders—  juice of the vine, the shelf of knowledge, cat,

We’re watching Friends. I guess I have to be Rachel. I’m not quite spacey enough to be Phoebe, although I love her dearly. I’m way too laid back to be Monica. Emily is Ross, maybe.  I really want to be Chandler, but you know, we can’t always get what we want.


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