Graduation is official!

I went downtown yesterday to do some mandatory academic advising, which consisted of me meeting with the assistant dean and  her telling me that I’m graduating. We went over the few discrepancies/requirements left on my transcript and got it all settled.
I told her I was sorry and she interrupted me before I could finish, saying, “You’re dropping a minor aren’t you?”
“No,” I replied. “I’m adding another one. It’s so late, I know.”
She laughed and called me an overachiever to which I responded, no, I’m quite the underachiever, you’d be surprised.
All in all, I have the credits nearly completed and the requirements nearly done (my god I just need to pass statistics–which shouldn’t be a horrible experience. I have no problem with tangible data, it’s the process I can’t do. Theorems escape me. I got from point A to point B, do I really need to know every step it took to get there?)
You are looking at a very nearly college graduate. I will have a major in Communication Studies with minors in English, Sociology and Women’s/Gender Studies. ha, not bad considering this has been a wild four year run. Even with the Denver semester, I’m still going to be able to graduate on time (sort of…one summer class isn’t bad) and then hopefully start school again in the fall.
I’ve decided to attempt to apply to DU for their MSW program starting in the fall. I may not have the experience, but I’m hoping to sway them with my writing skills which I consider on par with the greats. (The previous statement is a bold lie. I’m hoping they enjoy confidence or at least the pretense of it.) Anyway, if I don’t get in (which I’m expecting will be the outcome), I’ll stick to the original plan and get a job in DPS. However, if I get in (please, please) then I will be able to start the full-time two  year program in the fall.
I’ve been trying to get around doing it, but I just requested my transcripts from Loyola and need to do so from MSCD so it looks like I’m actually applying. I spent like two hours the other day trying to figure out how to write a curriculum vitae that makes me look like a thrilling, dynamic individual. On paper, I’m really lame. Personal interviews, however, are another thing. I’m engaging, entertaining, intelligent. Not really. But you know, it never hurts to try.

I’m procrastinating again. I should be reading the 30 pages of feminist literature I have due in an hour. But alas, I’m not.
 I found out yesterday that I not only have an ear infection but my first parking ticket of the year as well.
I’m getting nervous. This afternoon’s task is write a resume (eek, I’ve done it before but for some reason it always leaves me feeling so inadequate), and then attempt to begin to tackle the seven page life response that they require. Other than that, it’s just a check and some online forms I’ve already filled out. Pray for me or send me thoughts or something of a spiritual nature: I’ll need it now more than ever.

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