Blue Steel

Mom’s phone (above) — my phone (below)

Yesterday was an eventful day.
I got a phone call before nine informing me that Simon had been vandalized. Someone spray painted ” = pain” all over the driver’s side window.
After hearing that, there were tears and a plan was set into action. I’m going to get him; I’m not letting him sit in Chicago anymore. He’s been hurt so much and I’m not going to let that continue. The white car (Mike’s) had been sitting in the front of the house, so it’s being looked at. If it’s not horribly expensive to repair, I’ll be driving it to Chicago to pick up Simon. I’ll leave his car there and keep it until graduation in May. After that, it’s his again and I’ll be biking where I need to go.
As most trouble goes, there’s always something worse, and for me it was dealing with the police. Hunter tried to file a report and was turned away. I tried several times and was met by rude police officers and trouble the whole way.
After that, Mom and I decided to go to Verizon. Mom has been in need of a phone for about a year now and we are finally able to get a new one with the whole new 2 year agreement deal. I will say that Verizon has the best national service. I always have reception when my friends don’t, except of course, where there is no service to be had.
Hunter has to stand by a window in his basement apartment. I can sit wherever.
Anyway. Mom wanted the EnV3, a phone that has a full keyboard on the inside as well as a regular keypad on the front. We went in to get it and look around.
Verizon is running a deal where you can get one phone free when you buy certain phones. We were looking at a Blackberry or the EnV3 (I needed a new phone too!).
Turns out, I was up for an upgrade as well!!
Some poor Verizon guy spent about an hour and a half with us, getting us all set up to do everything we needed to do on our new phones. Mom got email and internet on her phone for $3 per month (sweet!). I got a great deal, however, I am paying about 10x more than Mom for unlimited internet. My phone has Twitter (which I will be using more: – I can’t blog on there, I tried-, Facebook, Gmail, everything else.
So of us ended up satisfied and quite happy with our new phones; they each do everything that we need them to do.
I am also enthralled with the customer service at Apple. They are amazing. We returned my printer and it may have been the easiest thing I’ve ever done.
Then we went and had dinner together.
Overall, a better ending to a day that had a miserable start. Simon is parked in front of my apartment, and while I’m not looking forward to driving cross-country in a Dodge Neon in early January, I will do anything to get him safely home.

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