Infinite Sadness.

Mom told me that she was proud of me today. It meant a lot. I wish I could explain it. It’s like validation, something like that coming from someone I respect so much.

I’m currently mired in the mess that is cleaning my room. I’ve been stopping and going and stopping and going, allowing myself to be distracted by anything and everything. But, things are moving, albeit rather slowly.
The clothes are a three foot mound on my bed. Getting rid of them will feel so good. A donation solution to my problem.

I’ve been overwhelmed lately. Bogged down. Restless. Misguided. Tired. Unproductive. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester, although I feel as though there is so much to do before then! Thanksgiving break is going to be a nice break for me.

This blog was a distraction tool for me that failed. I have so far written not one productive sentence and am assuming that I won’t.

My speech went well on Monday. I got up there and glared him down so hard. He had previously told me that I had poor eye contact. That and he wasn’t sure why we don’t honor Lincoln (as in, the dead president) more. But mostly poor eye contact. So, I gave him looks that should have turned his eye contact meter to stone. And I smiled at the rest of the class. Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders, consider yourself erased!

Ha, but seriously, wait for my blog about drugs. I’ve got some radical ideas about legalization of ALL drugs. Stoked on it. Want to devote my life to at least the legalization of marijuana. I guess I can do that after my kids go to college.

On a completely opposite note, I bought some sweaters at Target. They are so mature. I look like I’ve never broken a rule in my life.

Also, as I was cleaning my room, I found a bunch of incomplete thank-you notes. So here’s the lamest group thank you ever. I promise (keep in mind its an internet promise) to personally do something nice for each and every single person who’s done something nice for me. I was thinking something along the lines of cookies and flowers, but who knows. Those gas cards/just-saying-hi cards/chocolate covered almonds [amazing]/cute little candles/blue-orange glasses/anything makes my days.

Perhaps maybe Simon can have a car wash this week? (ooh, not pushing it)

I built a shelf all by myself! I know that’s lame, but the directions said “2 people.”

Ugh, can you tell I’m buying time?

I want to be swept away, romantically speaking.

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