Week Update.

As usual, it’s Tuesday and I’m desperate for Friday.
But this week, it seems that if I can survive Wednesday, I’ll be alright. So tomorrow I have a test and a midterm and then a paper due by midnight, all of which I’m trying to get done right now in the library. As usual, I’m having problems concentrating, but it’s something that I feel has been eased by not having a computer.
I’m wracked with guilt if I check my Facebook or if I go to the lame blogs that I like to read about fashion or celebrities when I’m in the library, so I feel like this is a chance to really get some work done.
Last night, Hunter and I went over to our friend’s Nick and Emily’s house (grammer check here: if it is the house in which they both live, where does the apostrophe go? after Emily? or after both? I say after Emily but a girl in my class disagrees. Any help would be appreciated.) to watch the football game. I made Halloween cookies.
The whole weight battle that I seem to be undergoing might be in my head. I think it’s less than 10 pounds and I realize that everyone goes through periods of their life when being super skinny just isn’t an option. I went all veggie for a few days last week and I seemed to feel, if not look, better. So maybe it’s all about hydration and less sodium but in all honesty, it’s stress mostly right now. I know I’ll be stressed for the rest of my life but I’m not going to add stress by trying to dictate what I can and cannot eat. Hunter still thinks I look beautiful, so if he’s fine, I’m fine. Also, I wore different pants (my others were already a bit small and shrink in the dryer) and I feel better about that too.
I’m looking into getting a netbook. It’s like a mini-computer. It’d be something that I’d have for awhile and then possibly give to Mom (she has no idea of this plan, but I like the sound of it) when I get a new computer. But….that was just a thought. They look like they run under $400, which would be a good thing, especially since this whole not having a computer thing is getting really lame. I’d be able to do homework at home instead of having to be in school to get it done, something that I’d love. Also, Emily is going to be paying me the rest of the security deposit money (from when we moved into our apartment) soon and I would be able to get one with that money. So I’ll be looking into it a little more.
Weather holding steady in the fifties. I’m glad of that. I always seem to forget that the weather in Chicago usually holds at moderate until mid-November, when it definitely takes a turn for the worse. I’m unprepared as usual this year, but am finding that problem very far down on my list of things to do.
I have a new novel at home, so even though I’d love to sit and chat (ha,) I must attend to my homework before my brain exhausts itself and needs to remain dormant until tomorrow.

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