Alright, so I know these are horrible pictures, but I took them on my camera phone, which is nearly ancient technology compared to my old camera. As soon as I can get to Costco, hopefully tomorrow, I can promise better pictures to appear shortly.

The concert was nice. Marilyn Manson is the most over-rated “metal” musician out there. The concert was about as hardcore as a high school punk band performing. It was something that I had fun enjoying, but I also had fun looking around me. Metal kids, punk kids, all of them decked out in their gear enjoying the music are funny to watch. They all think they’re so hardcore, and it flashes me back to high school. Ah, we used to over do the eyeliner and put on red and black and go out and act all bad. Cute, really.
But seeing Marilyn Manson in concert is something I can now cross off my list of things to do before I die, so that’s nice.

We were driving home exhausted and had to pull over to sleep because neither of us could stay awake. We set an alarm and locked the door and were woken by a knock on the window. Police officer with a flashlight. We answered all the questions, not on drugs, just sleeping because we’re trying to get home, Chicago, 21, 23, here are our IDs. He checked, told us we were parked in a roadway (although it was a “roadway” between a closed Wendy’s and a closed other fast food place that we thought was a parking lot) and that we weren’t in any trouble. We drove home after that, thankful for the rest.

Home safe. Tired. But safe.

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