Marilyn Manson!

After a rather tumultuous weekend that included me losing my keys (still haven’t found them) and Hunter breaking up with me (first time being broken up with, wasn’t that bad), we’ve decided on a better course of action (obviously we were back together [I hate that word] in about 20 minutes) and have decided that we’re going to try and have more fun together.
The problem was this: I am 21. Now legal, the world is an endless source of party fun. He is nearly 23 (the 18th) and has 2 jobs, which limits his ability to have fun. He gets jealous of me getting to go out and also the guys I go out with (started with the Irish) and then we fight. It’s reminiscent of the Billy Joel and Katie Lee Joel (I think that was her name) marriage. He was 60-something and she was like 25. Problem.
Anyway, for his birthday, we’re going to go up to Milwaukee and see Marilyn Manson perform. Tuesday night will be a hectic one (next week, not this one) because we’ll have to leave immediately after I get out of class (fiction writing, the one I still hate) and then drive all the way there, see the show, and then drive all the way back so that Hunter can get to work by like 6am.
So that’s the plan.
It should be fun. I’m nervous. I’ll probably be the only person there in a cardigan.

Escuela hoy. En la clase de espanol, tengo un examen. Despues de la clase de espanol, tengo la clase de escribe de fiction. En la noche, mi y Simon (mi carro guapo) voy a la Northbrook a retrieve mi telefono de la UPS.

That is probably terrible grammar but I’m going with it. Just to prove to you I did my Spanish homework.

Oh, also, I’ve decided I don’t like the tumblr thing for writing. I’d prefer to have it on a Blogspot page. I’m going to have it switched over soon, so don’t worry. I just feel like tumblr should be used for more of text updates, like this blog. (I’m not going to be moving this one though, I think it’s quite happy where it is.)

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