First Week/Last Year

Interesting last first week of classes. I’m taking 18 hours, spread out over all five days of the week.

There’s also been a switch in the babysitting routine. Instead of Fridays from 8:30 onward, I’ve switched over to Mondays from 8:30 until about 3pm, as I have class at 4:15. This is going to prove to be interesting, as Sunday nights are my only established “party night” of the week. We play trivia. We drink beer. We play trivia. We drink beer. These actions are repeated as necessary until it gets late. Sometimes, Hunter and a group of friends play poker on Sunday nights. Since I am new to poker and especially inclined to play, I have begun ending up at his house after 10pm (when trivia ends) playing poker. I love poker and trivia, but I also love sleep.
It will be interesting to see how this predicament plays out over the course of the semester.

I was very excited about my English 318 class, The Writing of Fiction. Now, I am sorely disappointed. That might be a rant to save for another day, but I shall begin with the statement that he made to us. “We will not be writing genre fiction. We will be writing serious fiction. Take romance novels for instance. They are forgettable….no literary value….plotless.” Ha, I beg to differ sir.
And while I cannot substantiate my claim because I am seemingly incapable of getting a writing project off the ground, I can say that ALL fiction is genre fiction of some sort. Even the greats fall into something. Poe: Horror. “Pride and Prejudice”: arguably a romance novel.
This speech and also the 7 books he made us buy may bother me throughout the semester. Also, he’s a fan of “The Sun Also Rises,” which I consider terribly uneventful and, well, forgettable.

Hunter surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers yesterday. He’s holed up at my apartment since he’s in the middle of moving. His wisdom teeth came out today, so I’m hoping that he’ll be feeling better soon. The whole ordeal seems to have gone alright though, with manageable pain and the ability to coherently watch football.

Busy day tomorrow. I applied online tonight to blog for Loyola, which could be an interesting experience. At the end of it, it pays $250 (not in cash, but in AmEx giftcard), so that would also be a nice welcome respite from the Loyola-induced knowledge debt. I hate textbooks, for the record.

I’m also finishing up working on that short film “Hers.Theirs.Ours.” tomorrow downtown in the afternoon.

Also, hints of a summer abroad?
More later. Seemingly much to tell. Need new camera. Badly.

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