Summer sessions are nearing the end. Thank goodness. The last six weeks have flown by and lagged all at the same time. Perhaps this is the meaning of time and aging. Everything is a blur but at the same time, you’re hardly able to survive from one dawn to the next.
You’ve probably heard the buzz about those “Twilight” books. Well, they’re young adult books that have caught the world by storm (think Harry Potter-esque devotion). Emily’s sisters love them. She loved them.
I read them. I cry every book. It’s a long winded (four story) love story between a human girl and a vampire. Their love is just that, pure love. It’s beautiful. It reaffirms my shockingly strong belief in love and has raised my curiosity about mates.
Animals have mates; certain species mate for life.
How do they know? Is it convenience? It is possible for a human to mate for life? I asked Hunter all of these questions while I sobbed on him the day (It was a happy cry, something he’s never experienced before). He merely looked on, quite bewildered (I’m not sure he’s had a girlfriend with the emotional depths that I seem to possess), and patted my shoulder, “sshh”ing me softly.
But. Something to think about.
Maybe his aversion comes from the fact that I’m constantly updating him on the plot lines between the characters: vampires, best friends, werewolves, evil covens, blood, humans, etc, squeaking with excitement that they go on a date, or hug, or get married, etc. etc. Manly stuff, obviously.
Soul mates. The horrific disasters that come from burned, scorned lovers. or even from mistimed or misguided love.
Also, love is a petty word. I can’t encapsulate what it means to me, nor would I ever try. I wouldn’t. Simply couldn’t.
But it’s falling asleep in my nap spot, warm and cozy, listening to a heartbeat. Something like that.
It is most definitely not Shakespeare class. I am stupid. I should have avoided Shakespeare at all costs. It bores me. It annoys me. I realize that I can’t sound educated while I say these things, but if that’s what educated is, I’d much prefer ignorance.

He taught me how to play Texas Hold’Em. It’s some sort of poker. I played with his money. He’s now down four dollars. Fine by me. I held my own, beating out four before ending third.

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