Tarot Cards

Hunter bought me a pack of Tarot cards when he was in New Orleans! I hadn’t expected such a gift and absolutely thrilled with it.
Last night we went out for our 6 month anniversary. We went downtown and had dinner at Portillo’s (when you come visit, it’s a must see) and then went and saw the (terrible) movie, “Observe and Report.” Hunter slept through the end of it and I tried to sleep but was unable to do so. It was absolutely one of the worst movies that I’ve ever seen, so if you were thinking about it, don’t. Run. Go see anything, and I mean, ANYTHING else.

This morning, I went with a group member to interview the head of No Games Chicago, an anti-Olympic movement that is currently running in the city as the IOC prepares to make its decision. (October 2nd) We are making an anti-Olympic documentary, so be looking for that soon. After we are done with it, it will be posted on http://www.nogameschicago.com as well as various other sites such as http://www.youtube.com and there is the possibility of entering it into random festivals just to see what happens. Either way, I’m excited to see what we got from it (I was in charge of sound and video production this morning) and to see how it cuts together. I’ll be doing a good chunk of the editing and voicing over for this project.

Anyway, big day today. I’ve been up since 7:30, it’s not even eleven yet and I’m exhausted. Class until 6:45 and then hopefully, a blissful nap before Emily comes home.
I haven’t seen her in awhile, but tensions are still high, at least for me. There is a certain snap to her voice when she talks to me that I don’t quite understand.
Our apartment is an absolute wreck, things everywhere, in desperate need of a cleaning but I find that I can’t muster up the energy to do something that really shouldn’t be a one-sided effort. This morning I realized that we are out of face moisturizer. Simple. I’ve bought it all year. I’m not going to buy anymore until she buys some. It’s like that. She made nearly $100 in tips last night, whereas I’m not babysitting anymore, really, so I’m way short of funds.
I’m sorry to complain. I shouldn’t, I know that. I just wish that things could go back to normal.

By the way, I gave myself a Tarot reading with the help of the internet (to help me understand the meaning of the cards) and was pleasantly surprised. It looks as though I will indeed graduate from college, have a large celebration such as a wedding in my future and also be incredibly poor.

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