Concert Update

Monday, Monday. 

Emily’s mom and two sisters are still here, so in order to give them some space, I’ve been camped at the boys. I’ve been spending part of my days here and parts of them back at my house. It’s sort of like having two houses twenty minutes apart and it’s sort of weird.
Saturday night was a success. Last time, the “band” that Hunter is in had close to fifty or sixty people in attendance. This time, double that and add some more. It was intense. The basement was packed and it was hard to get through. I wiggled my way up to the front with Emily and some of our friends so that we could see what was going on. Of course, they were sorely unprepared as far as refreshments, but all in all, it was still a rocking time.
Hunter and I left with some of his friends and went back to his house (with a quick stop for coffee) to wait for his brother and some guys from a couple of actual bands that were going to sleep at the boys’ house. 
I met his brother for the first time, which went pretty well I think. Actually, I know that for a fact. I’d met most of the other dudes back in April when I was visiting and it was good to see them again.
I also asked them if they’d be interested in doing music for the production company in Missouri that I’ve been sort of, but not really, working for. 
They seemed to be for that, so that means that I’ve done my job for the week!
Ha, yes.
I’m going to start taking walks. Hey Mumu, will you please please send me the running shoes in my closet? Thanks in advance. So my first step is to walk between the boys house and my house.
I’m going to do that now. Maybe.
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