PROM v. 2009

Me and Hunter, who was officially my prom date

Hunter’s roommate Coupe and I dancing
Coupe and I
Hunter and I under the balloon archway.
Part of the crew: from left, Trif, Hunter, Kyle and me

I had more fun at a prom party than I ever did at prom the first time, although the entire time, I mourned my dress. I wore my Easter dress, but things went wonderfully. I even made punch, prom-style, which was a huge hit at the party. Cheese puffs, cheap chips and dollar popcorn rounded out the list of prom refreshments. We blew up balloons and the boys made an arch of them for photo-ops.
Of course, as the night wore on, the balloons began to disappear. POP! you’d hear. POP! POP!
Dancing was minimal but definitely happened. It was really nice to see people.

When I come home for spring break, I will have minimally horrendous hair. I always cut Kyle’s hair, which he enjoys. I have no idea what I’m doing, but for some reason, he’s always thrilled with the results. Last night after the Oscars, Hunter and a pair of scissors had a date with my hair. I lost two inches. He kept jumping around, telling me he was giving me the choppy, spiky look, and my face was scrunched up in absolute terror. The jury’s still out on whether or not I like the look. But it was hilarious and so totally worth it either way. I also decided to grow my hair all the way out, so for the next while, there won’t be any short hair, which may be a good thing.

After midterms, we are going to Hunter’s cabin in Wisconsin, and I’ll be there through the weekend.
I’ll be home next Monday through next Saturday. So I hope to see everyone!

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