With the fever came the tears. Great hiccuping sobs that wouldn’t stop. My eyes were red, full of water, my body ached and burned, my head was throbbing. He brought me tea and held me until I stopped crying and even then nothing felt better. The heat was quickly replaced by the cold, the feeling that you’ll never be warm again, which was quickly replaced by the feeling that you are cooking, baking from the inside, which was quickly replaced by the chill….
I felt no better this morning and as of 8:30 tonight, I am feeling the same. Terrible.
This flu-like bug is hurting me. I missed class (no surprise) but for the first time in a long time, I had a legitimate excuse.
So here’s hoping that tomorrow I’ll wake up and be magically healed, some sort of gift.

Valentine’s Day was uneventful.
We passed the four month mark.

Emily passed her test with flying colors (98%) and is currently serving customers as I type this.

It rained in Chicago and I was able to remember what Simon looked like. He needs an official car wash but something tells me that it’ll have to wait until April.

I need to get a summer internship.
Or a job.
Or something.

I am stressed out.
The other day, I spent the entire afternoon cleaning my room. It felt nice. I put up some new pictures and stuff, and I was hoping that it would stay clean for awhile. It didn’t, but you know…It was worth the effort.

Thanks so much for the Valentine’s Day cards. I bought some, but haven’t sent them out. Ha, don’t think you won’t get them though, they are beautiful.

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