Look back, look ahead.

Looking back on 2008, I find that I’ve taken an incredible journey this year. At the beginning of January I was back in Denver, starting my semester at MSCD. I had yet to meet my beautiful car, Simon, and I was still convinced that Danny and I were great together.
February 4th: Simon became a part of the family in the midst of a snowstorm.
As the months passed, I settled in at home and began to realize that I yearned to be back in Chicago. Plans were made.
Danny and I fell apart because I realized that some things would never change.
Chicago welcomed me back with open arms.
I cancelled plane tickets to go to Portland to visit Chicago again instead.
Dairy Queen nearly killed me this summer. Shake Lady, manager issues and too many hours were a constant anxiety.
The road trip devastated my bank account but left me utterly thrilled with life. From Denver to St. Louis, St. Louis to Chicago and then back again.
To see the boys, to go to the beach, to sit in their apartment and hang out was magical. We looked for apartments and plans were made once again.
The end of summer. The long haul out to Chicago. Mike and Mom were nice enough to make it as well, beating me there.
Getting used to living on my own (with Emily).
Adjusting to the pigeons, the aparmtent.
Getting my bike stolen.
The beach.
The beach!
The beach!!!!
Visit home in September.
Hunter Johnson.
The election of Barack Obama!!!
Pre-thanksgiving Thanksgiving.
Going home to Denver.
Fruitypants picking me up at the airport.
Going back.
Football season.
Christmas presents.
The horrendous haul from Chicago to St. Louis.
Laverne and Shirley!
Failing Logic.
Getting an A in Ballet!

It’s been a great year.

Let’s all work for the earth in 2009. Let’s turn off our lights, walk a little more, waste less water and recycle more often.

Let’s work for love instead of hate, peace instead of war, smiles instead of tears.

Let’s love everyone we meet instead of hating them. Let’s be more understanding and less rude. Let’s remember why we love our family and friends. Let’s be thankful, appreciate and kind. Let’s do something wild and spontaneous! Let’s go on an adventure, take a chance, grant a wish, give a smile. Let’s support our new President and help him with the struggles that lay ahead for our country.
Let’s remember not to yell, not to sweat the small stuff and to remember that there’s nothing we can’t do.
Let’s stay happy and healthy!

Peace and love, all.
Happy 2009!

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free spirit, lover of red wine, bacon, sushi, the ocean, and adventure. I work in the legal field, do freelance writing, and take care of children.

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