End of the Semester/Mom promostion

Grades are starting to come in. It’s going to be an ultimately disappointing semester after the Logic fiasco. However, I’ve realized that it was an illogical decision to attempt to do symbollese-filled geometry, something that I’ll never be able to wrap my head around.
So, the first grade, B-. Cinema. Ugh. His notes for me were that I finished strong, which means I spent way too much of the first half of the semester not paying attention. The usual. Who can be expected to work when the sun is shining and the beach calls?
Ballet is not expected to be excellent, although who really knows at this point?
Women, Crime and Justice should be the most solid A I’ve ever gotten. I’ve learned that I really try in the classes that I like.
Social Justice, ugh. I have an A- going into the final, so at least a B there.

Oh well. Such is life.

We’re preparing to head to St. Louis on Tuesday. I’m anxious. However, come and visit me at the DQ over the next few weeks because I will for sure be there. Recessions really don’t look good on anyone. I swear, I thought I was done with that nonsense forever. Maybe they’ll give me a raise. Oh man, no way.

So now that you now about my mediocre semester, here’s the text of something our neighbor wrote about Mom earlier this year:
[Maybe this will get me back in good graces… šŸ™‚ ]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Lucky duck
I have one incredible neighbor. I was reminded of that again today.

My daughters usually crash her house most afternoons after 4:00 or whenever it is that we get home. Today, true to themselves, 4:00 roles around and off they go. One right after the other, spilling out the back door.

You see we don’t have a portion of our fence that joins our yards to hers. It fell down maybe 1 1/2, maybe 2 years ago. We have looked into getting a new fence. We have had people come out and bid to build a new fence, but the truth of the matter is that we love not having that section up. Diana also claims that she loves not having that fence up. When the people came to bid, she would ask if we could keep one section down so my kids could still come to see her. She has an open back door policy with them. If she is home, they are welcome to come.

Tonight I get a call soon after the girls go on their way. How soon before dinner Mom? We are going to make some cookies. They have an hour before dinner, so they were given permission as long as they waited to eat them.

A little while later I head over to round them up and bring them home for dinner. There is Avery on Diana’s lap with her own spatula scrapping cookies from the cookie sheet. Avery knows to scrape and then drop the cookie on the foil. Bailey is also helping with her own spatula. Big smiles on all three faces. Once again truly enjoying each other’s company.

Our next door neighbor does have two kids of her own, but they are in college now and have moved away. Katie to Chicago, and Mike, not too far, but still in Greeley. She misses her babies, but talks with them often. They will be home again soon, but in the meantime… if they don’t mind too much… my babies are happy to come and play.

Thank you Diana for everything you do for us!!

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