Terrible Logic

Dear Mom,
This morning I went to get a pair of pants from my drawer and there they were, crumpled underneath a shirt: my ballet shoes.
Love, Katie

The boys have been hard at work editing their newest features. Hunter’s is the second installment of a fake movie trailer that we made in September (which has been their most popular youtube.com video). It was filmed on a better camera in more locations around Chicago; this time it’s in color, and it’s insanely intense. It looks legit. There’s even a soundtrack to it with possible voice-overs to come. Ian’s is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the second trailer. They are both hilarious, although sadly, not appropriate for audiences your age.
Since I was killed off in the first trailer, the only picture you see of me is my dead body at the crime scene, and there is a picture of me and Emily in Colorado during one of the scenes with the detectives.
The behind-the-scenes film features me coloring Coupe’s hair with Hunter’s toothbrush, throwing a cucumber at the giant statue of Abraham Lincoln (and getting made fun of because I throw like a girl), and an interview with me discussing what it’s like to be Hunter’s girlfriend.
A good portion of the trailer was filmed in our apartment and our back stairs because they are so creepy and thus the perfect location for horror/comedy film making.
Ah, well, things are progressing. I’m throwing a surprise party for Emily on Friday night, so we’ll see how that goes.
Last night was the first official snow of the year! It stuck a little bit to the ground and it was terrible and cold. But yay!
Also, in worse news, I failed my first test ever today. We’re into the part of Logic class where it’s all symbols and strange theorems and it’s beyond my comprehension. So, I went in, scribbled on the paper for about twelve minutes, and then left. Way before anyone else in the class was done. Wow. I hate that feeling. It’s scary. But seriously, when am I ever going to need to scribble theorems and know things like Modens Tollens?
Never. I should have taken college algebra instead.
I register tomorrow for new classes!

I still love Chicago, even if it is determined to make me cold and miserable all the time.


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