Bite Mark

So we all know two things:
1. I bruise easily
2. I really hate ballet.

This story incorporates both of those things. Our mandatory ballet uniform is pink tights and a black leotard. Great. I love being clad in tight clothing when I’m being judged by college girls.
Second, the tights are mostly see-through.
The other night, we were all watching a movie and as a joke (don’t ask) Hunter bit the back of my calf. Not even that hard. Well, as you can imagine, the result is a mouth shaped bruise that is huge. It’s actually pretty cool as far as bruises go, but it looks terrible. He feels terrible. He keeps apologizing, etc, saying he shouldn’t have bitten me so hard, but in reality, it was not a ferocious bite.
So I go to ballet yesterday, sans shoes, which I seem to have lost, and am sitting on the floor when the girl next to me says, “Oh wow, what happened to your leg?”
Without thinking, I respond very matter-of-fact-ly, “My boyfriend bit me.”
Seeing the look of shock and horror on her face, I attempt to backtrack and realize that nothing can be said to fix the situation.
“I bruise easily,” was all I could come up with. Followed by the failed attempt at a charming laugh.
Ah, ballet. Yesterday, we failed to get our waltz step down so she herds us into the corner of the classroom and tells us that we’ve pushed her too far; she can only be lenient for so long; we are the straw that has broken her back (I wish), and on and on, until: “All of your grades have been marked down.”
Seriously? This woman deserves the scathingly terrible review she’s going to get from me at the end of the semester.

Last night, Hunter and I were anxious, having watched a scary movie, we were determined to go out and see the world. And so we did, driving the usual path: Lake Shore Drive down to Roosevelt, Roosevelt to Michigan Ave, and Michigan back to Lake Shore. It’s perfect. We were watching a commercial for some movie and I told him that I wanted to have a destiny, someone who would chase me around the world. “I’ll chase you around the world,” he said. “But what are you running from?”
“You,” I said.
“What did I do?”
“We’ll figure that out.”
“I hope it’s nothing bad.”

Things are beautiful right now. My life, so often scattered, is falling back into place a little bit at a time. I don’t need to stress about everything right now. I am, but I need to realize that taking a step back and letting things fall together may not be such a bad choice. Yes, Logic is the hardest class I’ve ever taken; yes, I don’t understand it for a minute, but getting a C in it isn’t going to kill me.
Everything will be alright.
Grad school can happen later.

Also, Rome next summer? Stay tuned.

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