I finally did laundry. It’s strange to wear clean clothes, I’m not going to lie.

This picture is me and my friend Mike at the boys’ house for one of our friend’s birthday parties last week. Picture taken by Emily, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend.

I’m going to see ballet by myself tonight, which may or may not be excellent and or terrible. The tickets were ridiculously expensive, $30 for a show at Columbia, and I’m hoping that I at the very least enjoy it. Then I have to write a review of it for ballet class and get that turned in.
I’ll be taking the train downtown tonight, something I haven’t done in a very long time. We’ll see, though. I may actually end up just driving and leaving the car parked somewhere along the road. It’s on South Michigan Ave, so parking on a Thursday night isn’t going to be all that great, but at the same time, it’s going to be cold, so I won’t want to walk the five blocks that it is from the train.

Oh well.
Things are well, though. Last night was just a Katie and Emily night and we watched “Interview with a Vampire” and hung out. I was exhausted. It’s finally catching up with me. I’m impressed that it’s taken so long. Three months.
Tonight, there will be revelry; it is my last free Thursday night/Friday morning for the foreseeable future. I will have to wake up at 7 from now on to babysit by 8:30. Tonight, after watching the dance, there will be fun. And it won’t stop until it’s over, which will hopefully be never.
Ah, in my dreams.
Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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