I met him in January of 2007 and spent four beautiful months with him. At night, he would come and cuddle me on the couch; when I couldn’t sleep, I would lay my head on his stomach and just listen to him breathe. He played Monopoly with us, moving the hotels around with his paws and sitting in the box. He loved to eat tuna; whenever Emily and I made tuna melts, we would save him some tuna and he would eat it eagerly. He loved his catnip toys. He loved people, loved guitar hero, loved purring and jumping around, loved sneaking into Becky’s room to hide under her bed.
He died Saturday night in Missouri. Ryan took him to the cat ER only to find out that he had a blockage that could only be fixed with thousands of dollars of surgery, which wasn’t an option, so they decided to put him down because he was in so much pain.
I know you may not like cats, but I loved this guy.

High Speed Chase, just Cat to us, you will be missed.

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